Yoga Teacher Courses

Yoga Training Course YL I
Basic yoga and meditation as well as anatomy and physiology.

Yoga Training Course YL II
The main theme is pedagogy, with a great deal of practical training in instructing yoga.

Yoga Training Course YL III
Yoga for pregnant women, yoga nidra and basic meditations.

Yoga Training Course YL IV
Yoga therapy and hatha yoga kriyas such as intestinal cleansing, nose cleansing, etc.

Yoga Training Course YL V
Mantras, Yoga Sutras, and presentation of thesis. Diploma.
Easter 12th – 22nd April 2019

Yoga Training Course YL V
6th – 16th June 2019

Each yoga training course costs SEK 8.200.

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“The yoga training at Ananda Mandala has given me the opportunity to deepen my experience of the yoga tradition at the same time as I have been able to take part in society. The time between the 10-day training courses made it possible for yoga to become an integrated part of my daily life. It means a lot to me that Hari Prem and Björn enjoy to practise yoga and meditation. I have in them found a couple who shows how we with yoga can develop a good partnership. My education has opened me to be authentic to myself and towards others. It has happened because my teachers are good at mirroring me when we are together.” (Pierre Leyssac)

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Yoga Teacher Training

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