Yoga Postures – Asanas

YogaställningarIn our teaching we want to show that the yoga postures can be done in many different ways, depending on need – whether you are a beginner or have done yoga for many years.

Yoga asanas can be performed slowly for the experience of flexibility and presence in the body. We can also combine the yoga poses in a dynamic and physically challenging sequence. We can choose to focus on the interaction between consciousness, breath and movement, or to create a sequence of selected yoga postures with a therapeutic effect. If we choose to concentrate on the chakras the yoga postures give an immersed meditative effect. Everything is done with regard for the participants’ individual reservations and needs.

Yoga is also to become aware of and accept our limitations. Thereby our boundaries will naturally expand. We maybe even find that we can do something we did not trust we could.

Generally speaking for all yoga postures is that they are stretching, massaging and stimulating all muscles, nerves and internal organs. The immune system is reinforced and the result is a general improvement of health.

Yoga integrates body and mind.

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