Yoga Breathing – Pranayamas

Andningstekniker i YogaThe breath is closely connected to the nervous system and therefore mirrors the emotions and states that you feel right now. Through the breathing exercises the breath is harmonized, and that influences our whole state of being. Especially through the pranayamas yoga develops our ability to let go of mental and physical tensions, so we can relax completely. That gives us more energy so that we can do what makes us really content.

“Prana”means life energy, “ayama” means to expand. Yogic breathing is most often performed with mudras and bandhas, various pranic attitudes and locks. According to yoga, all aspects of our personality are linked to different energy frequencies, chakras. Through a prolonged use of pranayamas our chakras or energy centers are awakened and harmonized.

Pramayamas are also the foundation of prana vidya, the yoga healing.
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