Swami Satyananda

swami-satyanandaSwami Satyananda was a great visionary who brought yoga into our modern world. A practical yoga that can be used by anyone, independent of community or religion. He was a close disciple of Swami Sivananda. For twelve years he lived with him while building the Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh. Then followed eight years when he wandered around India and learned from other traditions. In 1963 he founded the Bihar School of Yoga in Mungher, Bihar.

Previously, Swami Sivananda had told him to bring yoga “from door to door and from shore to shore”. He fulfilled his promise over the next twenty years when he traveled to every continent and spread the knowledge of yoga and meditation.

He gave up the responsibility of being a guru in 1988 and went into a five year long yoga ceremony in order to awaken a higher collective consciousness. Here he realized what our greatest mission in life is. He was told to “take care of your neighbours as I have taken care of you”. The rest of his life he devoted himself to projects for training, education, clean water and sustainable lifestyles for the tribal people who lived around him. Paramahansa Satyananda left his body in 2009.

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