The Satyananda Yoga Tradition

yoga-traditionSwami Satyananda had the inspiration for what is today known as Satyananda Yoga. The essence of this is the conscious experience of our whole being, and the result is clarity, energy and inner peace.

Satyananda Yoga provides techniques with elements from Hatha Yoga, Raja, Karma, Jnana, Mantra and Bhakti Yoga. Techniques which can all be adapted to our individual needs.

Satyananda Yoga is interwoven by the two ancient traditions of Tantra and Vedanta. It is in Tantra that we find the techniques which balance and awaken the various chakras, psychic energy centers, thereby developing the latent force in the human being, called Kundalini. The Vedanta inspires us to strive for the divine and live a life in harmony with all.

Practical techniques in classical yoga are Asanas (yoga postures), Pranayamas (yogic breathing), Mudras and Bandhas (mental attitudes), Hatha Yoga Kriyas (cleansing) and various meditations. Characteristic for Satyananda Yoga are the original Tantric techniques rediscovered by Swami Satyananda, such as Yoga Nidra deep relaxation, Prana Vidya yogic healing and Kriya Yoga.

Yoga & Meditation courses and retreats

Ananda Mandala, situated in an exceptionally beautiful spot beside a lake and a forest, is a pearl in the middle of nature. The natural surroundings along with intensive yoga and […]

Ananda Mandala Retreat Center

In Sanskrit Ananda means happiness or bliss. It is our fundamental state of being. Mandala means a diagram or a place. Our vision is that at Ananda Mandala you can […]

Yoga Teacher Training

“First you learn yoga, then you teach yoga, finally you live yoga” (Swami Satyananda) The goal of this yoga teacher training is a personal development through an in-depth and comprehensive […]

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