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noseNose cleansing is a natural, simple and efficient method of cleansing the nose from mucous, dust, pollen, bacteria etc. The mucous membrane inside the nose and all the way down to the lungs contains many small hairs called cilia. They function as a conveyor, bringing mucous together with all foreign bodies up from the lungs and out of the nose.

The mucous membrane functions less well when it is exposed to dry indoor air, tobacco smoke and certain chemicals. The cilia dry out, lie down flat and have difficulty transporting the mucous out of the body.

When salt water is washed through the nose, the mucous membrane is cleansed and the cilia can function again. So by rinsing the nose regularly, you help activate the body’s natural immune system against colds, sinusitis, hay fever and certain allergies. Nose cleansing with salt water is recommended today by many physicians.

Nose cleansing is also used to stimulate ajna chakra, the energy center that governs our mental clarity. Nose cleansing is refreshing.

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