meditationMeditation can help us remove mental and emotional blockages. We discover that meditation develops the insight that we do not always have to experience everything in terms of good and evil – that we also have the ability to experience that which is – as it is …

At our yoga meditation retreats you can experience:

Yoga Nidra

Meditative deep relaxation. Deep rest and recharged energy is achieved through a conscious physical, emotional and mental relaxation. Half an hour of Yoga Nidra can be equivalent to several hours of sleep.

Antar Mouna

The basic meditation for increasing awareness, today commonly known as Mindfulness.

Meditation on a candle flame. Gives mental relaxation and develops the ability to focus.

Ajapa Jap
using breath awareness and a mantra balances the chakras, and cleanses your whole energy field.

Chakra Bhedan
The chakras are experienced through song.

Yoga & Meditation courses and retreats

Ananda Mandala, situated in an exceptionally beautiful spot beside a lake and a forest, is a pearl in the middle of nature. The natural surroundings along with intensive yoga and […]

Ananda Mandala Retreat Center

In Sanskrit Ananda means happiness or bliss. It is our fundamental state of being. Mandala means a diagram or a place. Our vision is that at Ananda Mandala you can […]

Yoga Teacher Training

“First you learn yoga, then you teach yoga, finally you live yoga” (Swami Satyananda) The goal of this yoga teacher training is a personal development through an in-depth and comprehensive […]

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