Yoga and Meditation

hovedstand_01Through yoga and meditation we become present in the body, in the mind and in our surroundings. The body becomes stronger and more balanced. Our thoughts calm down and focused awareness becomes a natural state of mind.

At a Ananda Mandala Yoga Retreat you can experience both simple and advanced yoga and meditation techniques:

Asanas – yoga postures

Pranayamas – yogic breathing

Hatha Yoga Kriyas – nasal cleansing, intestinal cleansing etc.

Mudra & Bandhas – pranic attitudes

Yoga Nidra – meditative deep relaxation


Prana Vidya – yogic

Kriya Yoga – yogic

Yoga & Meditation courses and retreats

Ananda Mandala, situated in an exceptionally beautiful spot beside a lake and a forest, is a pearl in the middle of nature. The natural surroundings along with intensive yoga and […]

Ananda Mandala Retreat Center

In Sanskrit Ananda means happiness or bliss. It is our fundamental state of being. Mandala means a diagram or a place. Our vision is that at Ananda Mandala you can […]

The Satyananda Yoga Tradition

Swami Satyananda had the inspiration for what is today known as Satyananda Yoga. The essence of this is the conscious experience of our whole being, and the result is clarity, […]

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