Yoga Meditation Summer Retreat

Yoga Meditation Summer Retreat at Ananda MandalaYoga Meditation Summer Retreat at Ananda Mandala enables you during the ten days to recharge both physically and mentally. At the same time you will get a profound personal experience with yoga and meditation. Through yoga and meditation the senses are sharpened, and after the retreat you will return home with greater clarity and energy.

During the first days of the yoga retreat you will experience a deep feeling of relaxation as you begin to let go. One of the first high points of the retreat course is the intestinal cleansing where your body undergoes a gentle and thorough cleansing. Through the peace and concentration we thus achieve, we are now able to go deeper with the yoga and meditation. This phase of absorption culminates in three days of silence towards the end of the retreat course. Also at this point, we go into the sweat lodge –
a ritual that cleanses both body and mind.

The retreat is held in English and is designed for people both with and without prior experience of yoga and meditation. It also prepares for the initiation into Prana Vidya and Kriya Yoga.

The Ananda Mandala retreats hold groups of max. 20 participants. The teaching can therefore include a greater amount of individual advice and guidance. The retreats are international, and the teaching will be held in English.

A day may look like this:

7.00 morning yoga
8.30 light breakfast
9.00 karma yoga
10.30 yoga nidra and ajapa jap meditation
12.30 lunch
time for own activities
16.30 afternoon yoga and inner silence meditation
18.00 dinner
20.00 evening program with either lecture, dance and music or meditation.

Apart from the intensive practice of yoga and meditation, there is plenty of time for other activities, such as swimming or canoeing on the lake, going to the sauna, going for a walk or just being lazy in the hammock at the waterside.

Please leave electronic equipment such as mobile, computer, I-pod etc at home. If you do bring your mobile along, then please let us deposit it. This will enable you to be fully present in the process of the retreat.

Course fee: 9.600 SEK, including 1.200 SEK enrollment fee.

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Datum: 2019-07-04 - 2019-07-14

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