Last Summer Retreat at Ananda Mandala!

Summer Retreat

– 14 days exclusively for those who have already participated in our longer retreats!

Now we, Björn and Hari Prem, will hold our last retreat here at Ananda Mandala.

We want to make a follow-up retreat where we thoroughly go through what you have learned here before; Antar Mouna and Ajapa Jap as well as Prana Vidya and Kriya Yoga for those who have learned these before. We will also do the intestinal cleansing and have several days of silence. We are also available for more personal guidance.

The red thread during these 14 days will be to get to know these yoga methods on a deeper level so that you will have easy access to them anytime they are needed in your life. All while enjoying the last summer here at Ananda Mandala, with lots of swimming, singing, canoeing, dancing, relaxing in the hammock or other adventures – together with good yoga friends!

The day plan will be something like this:

7.00 Yoga and meditation

9.00 Breakfast

9.30 Karma Yoga

11.00 Yoga Nidra

11.30 Repetition of Ajapa Jap as well as Prana Vidya and Kriya Yoga for those who have learned it before

13.00 Lunch

13.30 Own time

16.00 Yoga and Meditation Antar Mouna (Inner Silence)

18.00 Supper

20.00 Satsang, dance, music, sauna, or out in the woods or on the lake.

Again, all of you who have already experienced our retreats (minimum 10 days) can join – come as you are, no one needs to be perfect!

Course fee: SEK 10 800

Datum: 2020-07-06 - 2020-07-19

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