The Yoga Retreat Center

skogenAnanda Mandala, in its exceptionally beautiful situation beside a lake and surrounded by forests, is a pearl of Nature. The natural countryside here, along with the profound teachings of yoga and meditation, makes it a deeply moving experience to take part in a retreat at Ananda Mandala. Originally this place was a small community built around the waterfall that gave power to a water mill, a saw mill and a carpentry.

Today, the mill is converted into a guest house with a large, beautiful living room and comfortable guest rooms with 2 to 4 beds. Single rooms may also be booked.

The loft in the old barn has been converted into a yoga room overlooking the creek and the forest. There is space here for 20 people.

There is a lovely spot for swimming at the mill pond. Further up the hill is a timber house with a sauna fired by wood. Throughout the summer we also offer a sweat lodge (the Native American type of sauna) and a big tent in the form of a yurt or a tipi.

gaestehusetElectricity is generated from the waterfall. A new turbine at the waterfall now provides several households with green electricity. This saves nature from an outlet of 96 tons of carbon dioxide every year. Our houses are heated by electricity provided directly from the turbine via a heat pump, as well as by wood-burning stoves.

Organically grown vegetables are mixed with flowers in the vegetable garden, as well as in the greenhouse. Many of the vegetables are kept throughout the winter without the use of energy in the traditional outdoor earth cellar.


On the longer yoga retreats with intestinal cleansing, a special yogic vegan diet is followed. The food is simple and nutritious, prepared from fresh, organic and locally produced products. Most vegetables and fruits are harvested directly from the garden.

If you are especially interested in vegetarian cooking, you may want to attend the harvest week in September.


kanoturThe bee hives are a lovely part of the natural cycle of Ananda Mandala. The bees pollinate the fruit trees and flowers and provide us with lots of delicious honey which even can be purchased.

Ananda Mandala is surrounded by a fine old forest which in 2004 was turned into a nature reserve. In order not to burden this untouched piece of nature, we only use organic products. Therefore we ask all our guests to please only bring environmentally friendly hair and skin products.

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