Hari Prem and Björn

Hari Prem


As a child I went to a school run by Catholic nuns. Here my interest in yoga was founded, for thenuns often arranged voluntary retreats where we children stayed at school, attended church, prayed, kept silence and worked. It was almost like being in an ashram!

I learned about Yoga when I was very young. I went on an ordinary evening school class with Swami Janakananda, but soon it developed, and I moved into the ashram. It was strict discipline, but I got a deep personal experience with yoga and meditation. After a few years I became Swami Janakananda`s assistant and partner, and we traveled world wide and held shorter and longer retreats. I am deeply grateful to him for the clarity and consistency with which he transmitted the essence of yoga.

After nearly twenty years with my teacher, it was time to continue on my own. I met Bjorn, and we first traveled to Australia and New Zealand to teach yoga there. Home again, we then founded a yoga school in Cologne, Germany, and later a course center in Denmark. In 2003 we finally settled down here in Sweden and opened the Ananda Mandala Retreat Center.

Along the way, my interest in yoga had different expressions. First it was the physical joy in the yoga poses, then it was the depth of the meditation, after this it was Kundalini movements, and then it was the Sankalpa in Yoga Nidra, to follow an inner longing, a vision. Now it is just to enjoy the moment with clarity and wonder.

Teaching yoga has always been close to my heart.


bjoernI was born in Copenhagen in 1956. At an early age I moved to Sweden. One day a good friend of mine gave me a yoga book, and when I began reading it, I was immediately intrigued and began to do yoga by the book. Soon I discovered how my life changed. My way to experience the world went from uncertainty and confusion to focus and presence.

After a few years of yoga on my own, I came into contact with the Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School, and during my stay there my relationship with yoga and meditation deepened. Especially Kriya Yoga gave me the experience of being able to devote myself to life without the need to judge everything I met.

In 1992 I began to teach yoga and meditation together with Hari Prem. First in Australia and New Zealand, and later on at our own yoga school in Cologne. The dream of creating our own retreat center led us however to Denmark. We wanted to give people the opportunity of having a deep and full experience of yoga and meditation. After six years in Denmark, we moved to Sweden. Here is the freedom to be in untouched nature. It is for me a great gift that I want to share with the people who choose to come to us.

In my life there is nothing that makes more sense than to teach yoga and meditation. It is the best thing I have found so far. If one day I find something better, I shall choose that!


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