Ananda Mandala -

Yoga & meditation
bring clarity, energy
and inner peace

At Ananda Mandala Retreat Center you will experience a part of Småland with an unusual beautiful and unspoilt nature. With its forests and lakes you can enjoy a silence you rarely experience elsewhere.

The place offers you a different kind of stay where you in peace and quiet can go into depth with yoga and meditation – and find the joy within yourself.

When we have no ongoing longer retreats, we welcome you to come and live here, for example for one week, to do a retreat on your own. With access to your own kitchen, the yoga room, the sauna, the canoes etc. Please contact us for further information.

Explore the site and see our photo gallery, find inspiration for a life with yoga and meditation and more. Under Media you can listen to Yoga Nidra deep relaxation as well as the meditation Inner stillness in several versions, ready to explore on your own!

Yoga & Meditation courses and retreats

Ananda Mandala, situated in an exceptionally beautiful spot beside a lake and a forest, is a pearl in the middle of nature. The natural surroundings along with intensive yoga and […]

Ananda Mandala Retreat Center

In Sanskrit Ananda means happiness or bliss. It is our fundamental state of being. Mandala means a diagram or a place. Our vision is that at Ananda Mandala you can […]

The Satyananda Yoga Tradition

Swami Satyananda had the inspiration for what is today known as Satyananda Yoga. The essence of this is the conscious experience of our whole being, and the result is clarity, […]

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