Prana Vidya retreatPrana Vidya retreatPrana Vidya retreatPrana Vidya Retreat
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Prana Vidya

Prana Vidya yoga retreat

Prana Vidya is a yoga healing technique. Prana Vidya builds onto your exploration of the life energy.

Through yogic breathing techniques as well as Prana Vidya you become aware of your own energy field, and with practice you also become aware of the energy fields of other beings. Prana Vidya develops your ability to transfer energy.

Prana Vidya healing is practised in a sitting position or lying on your back.

The Prana Vidya Retreat lasts 14 days, including 7 days of being in silence. The learning of the pranic healing is supported be yoga postures, yogic breathing techniques, intestinal cleansing, the meditations Ajapa Jap, Antar Mouna Inner Silence, Chakra Vajrohan, Kirtan, Satsang, Karma Yoga, the whirling dance and the sweat lodge. 

In order to learn the Prana Vidya healing you need to have taken at least one 10-day Yoga & Meditation Retreat.

Course fee: SEK 9.200, hereof SEK 1.200 enrollment fee.


PS: Next Prana Vidya retreat takes place in summer 2017!